It all Started With A Love Letter…


Dearest One,

I see you’re a patron of the fine arts…

Allow me to be your Erotic Artist. Rare. Uncommon. Delightful.

Designed to satisfy. Skilled for the flawless execution of your deepest desires. Fire Residing in My DNA and flowing through my blood.

I am what happens when when time transforms natural enthusiasm into seasoned expertise. Tuned into your senses.

Painting pleasure & sculpting passion with the skill of an old world master with an extensive variety of color in my sensual palette.

I am your antidote to the ordinary. The remedy to your discontent & loneliness. College educated. Well read. Well versed. Razor sharp wit. Naturally charming.

Above all, an undeniable romantic. For this artist,  those moments of ecstasy are the highest form of artistic expression.

Until We Meet….

                     Eva Bliss