Thoughts on Art and Love and Work…


“Courtesan-ism is the practice of Love as Art…”

Bear with me while I explore some things that I know about myself in order that you may know them too…

I love Art.

3 simple words.

I practice Art as way of life.  A lifestyle that sustains my soul. A practice that I suppressed for many years. I paint. I dance. I photograph. I make music. I write a lot. A lot a lot.

And I can’t get enough of watching humanity evolve and sometimes devolve through various art forms.

Paint turns me on. Photographs can make me cry. My body and mind seek to be provoked by images… by film… by song and dance and expression. A person’s triumphs and struggles and moments caught in time that are somehow communicated to rest of the world by their preferred medium. Ballet is one of the most beautiful forms of love and pain  on the planet.

Art is the manifestation of what’s inside the soul. And through Art I am repeatedly reminded that our souls experience many of the same trials, tribulations, insecurities and happy moments as other souls.

I love Art.

*Courtesan-ism is the practice of Love as Art.*


I also love Love.

I am an eternal, indisputable, incurable romantic. Romance is a drug that my body can’t get enough of. A definite plus while having an active practice in this fantasy world.

I have been accused of being too idealistic when it come to escorting. I seek to find deeper connections with everyone that I meet. Deep Conversations feed my soul and Deep Passion feeds my body as much as any food or water.

A seeming paradox within the real world and the fantasy world is that one cannot find “love” within an hour. “It’s just sex.” Love takes time. But I always felt Sex was a physical practice and manifestation of love.

So you and I would create these perfect moments of minor love together. The heights of elation, deep relaxation, and a sense of peace and sanctuary and happiness for those moments of time when we got to be together…. Lovely Moments. Love within moments.

Sometimes it feels light like summer breeze… Laughter, Kisses, Sweet Nothings whispered in each other’s ears.  That happy  skip in your step after moments together.

Sometimes it’s experienced as a heavy feeling… I’ve had heavy hearts come to my door, who needed some relief from their pain and sweet catharsis. Lovers going through difficult times who need cuddling, kissing and a someone to listen as well.

I embrace both ends of this spectrum with equal desire… My Desire to make happy times happier when appropriate and hard times easier to bear when I am called on.

Love makes me happy. Romance makes me happy. Art makes me happy.

So I practice all 3 and my heart becomes lighter.

*Courtesan-ism is the practice of Love as Art.*

One thought on “Thoughts on Art and Love and Work…

  1. Wow!! What an essay. A great comment of self expression from self experience. An elegant expression of your taste, indeed.


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